SEO will help re-position your website in front of potential Gold Coast customers exactly when they are seeking your type of business, services or products that you sell.

If you want your Gold Coast business to have a long and profitable life, using SEO will be key to driving qualified traffic to your site and converting window-shoppers to buyers.

Our SEO Services provide you and your business an evergreen solution that will allow you to build on the results we deliver to you.

Our SEO Services

  • Keyword Research
    Extensive keyword research is an essential building block for any SEO campaign. We conduct a thorough analysis to establish keywords used by your consumers, expected search volumes and trends to pinpoint the most profitable set of keyword phrases to target for your business.
  • On-site & Page SEO
    On-Site SEO ensures that your website design and structure is engineered to be search engine friendly. This means that the content is presented and coded in a format that is readable by search engines (and consumers), that will allow them to extract the maximum possible information, determine the relevancy to a specific search so you are rewarded with higher search results.
  • Link Building
    Link building is and always will be a major factor in the way Google ranks websites. Our link building principle is we don’t engage in unethical tactics! We stay within Google’s policies to deliver you an evergreen solution for your SEO campaign.
  • Monthly Progress Reports
    Simple to understand and low on jargon (we think). They keep you informed on how your website rankings are progressing.

Is SEO right for your business?

If you have a website or planning developing a website, consider the following,

  • Sets a strong foundation for your long term online success
  • Allows potential customers to find your website
  • Is flexible for you to adapt to market trends
  • Connects you with people who are already looking for what you offer
  • Will attract new customers to your business
  • Is valuable to any type of business
  • Is timeless, unlike other media
  • Is not limited by air time, ad space, or shelf life
  • Creates a level playing field for every business from fortune 500 companies to a fledgling business

Get started on your SEO journey today!